4 Tips to Save Money Buying a Computer

1. Shop around.

Shopping around will not only inform you about what is available out there, but it will also tell you where the cheap PC deals or cheap laptop deals are.

2. Don’t Get the Fastest, Most Expensive Computer.

That is unless you absolutely need it. Consider this, you have been working on the same computer for the past 4 years. Even a less expensive NEW computer would be a considerable upgrade from what you now have, right? It doesn’t have to necessarily be the LEAST expensive but getting the most expensive, fastest computer out there is somewhat overkill. If you don’t need that power, then it is wasted.

3. Install Your Own “Extras”.

Most stores will offer the Operating System (OS)and possibly some sort of lower end Word Processor with their new computers. All else will be extra. Chances are that you already have all the extra software you can use at home. If you do, simply install them when you get your new system home.

If you DO need extras, shop around! Often you will find better deals elsewhere.

4. Don’t Buy the Extended Warranty.

Most computers come with a one year warranty and if you are going to have trouble with your computer, it will usually happen during this time or much later. If it happens later, then in most cases, it would be less expensive to purchase a new computer instead of repairing your old one.

If you have an unlimited budget, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. If your computer is for business, then be sure to get everything you need in a computer, while trying to keep the price down.